Dawn fog at Tarban Creek, Sydney

This is one of my favourite photos taken in a thick fog, just as the sun was burning through and giving an orange glow to the sky. They was no wind, so perfectly calm for reflections of the yachts and just visible is the Tarban Creek bridge in the background.


Posing, Santorini

I had photographed this location in a typical tourist shot some time previously, when I noticed this photographer posing his model/girlfriend in a precarious spot to get his shot. She seemed enthusiastic to pose, but it looked dangerous being in heels with quite a drop behind her.getting-the-shot_santorini

Ferrari in for service

While visiting Hong Kong in May, I could not resist this photo of a very expensive Ferrari waiting for service in a very small, cluttered workshop. Such an expensive car looked out of place in this site, however, there were a few similar shops on this street and it just seemed a routine thing to do.